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Hertfordshire based Forty Winks Sleep Consultancy is run by Hayley and Renee, two highly experienced and qualified professionals who between us have more than 25 years experience with babies and children. We offer help and advice for your child from newborn to teenage years. We do not have a "one size fits all" approach as we know every child is different. We use a holistic approach to create a sleep plan that you can manage, and one which takes into account the needs of the child and expectations of each family. Our sleep training only uses evidence based techniques.

We understand that when you have hit that wall and reach out for help, you don't want to wait weeks, and so we try to see everyone as quickly as possible.

We are both parents so fully understand and empathise with the demands and challenges of parenthood, we've been there we get it! We will be there to support you through any confidence dips and are certain that with our reassurance and some consistency, your child will be sleeping through in no time.

If you would like to find our more about what we do, or how we may be able to help you, then get in touch by email, facebook or fill in the form below.



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It’s ok to worry about the time change as the nights draw in; you know the change is getting closer and if sleep isn’t coming easily to you children it’s a worry. 

BUT we can look for the good things! The clocks go back 1 hour on 25th October at 2am (why wait until 2am you ask? Who knows is my answer!) which means an hour earlier to bed = an hour extra child-free in the evening! 

Some children don’t even blink at the clock change but some children need a little help to get there – So how can you help if it is needed?  Keep to your normal bedtime routine but nudge it 15 minutes later every few nights (you should also add on 15 minutes in the morning too). This way you can be back on schedule in a couple weeks tops!

If you are feeling overwhelmed about the time change, it may be that there are more sleep niggles going on that you need help with. Maybe now is the time to sort it once and for all before Christmas! Would that not be the best present ever?! DM us or comment below for help, support or advice.

Continental Breakfast


Come and join Renée & Hayley for breakfast whilst we chat amongst ourselves about sleep and answer any question you may have!

We are going to enjoy some lovely pastries and warm drinks whilst meeting you and discussing sleep in your family.  we are there so you can pick up some bedtime tips should you need any but also to be a listening ear if you just want to talk about the crazy world parenting!…

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We've been featured in Irish lifestyle and fashion magazine! Read what we had to say here:

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Why not start your New Years resolutions with helping your family sleep?
After todays successful Sleep Talking event, Forty Winks will be hosting another in early January to help get you back on track!