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Testimonials: Testimonials

I first contacted Renee when I was on my last tired legs with my 9-month-old. I had created bad sleeping habits, where I was co-sleeping with my little girl and at the slightest noise or rousing in the night, I would feed back to sleep, which was resulting in me waking up to 6 times. I didn't have the confidence or motivation to break the habit, as all I wanted was the least possible disruption to get the most possible sleep. Renee was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process. Based on an initial consultation and sleep diary, she recommended a new routine with different options of sleep methods that best suited us. Her positivity, encouragement and support gave me the motivation and confidence to make the changes and follow it through. She was never judgmental when we had a lapse and just gave me gentle encouragement to keep going with it. Within 3 weeks my daughter was in her own room and beginning to sleep 12 hours without waking.


The phone call was organised very quickly and you clearly have so much experience and are so easy to speak to and open up to. We felt you went above and beyond and gave us far more time than we expected We really appreciated this, as well as your flexibility with us having to dash off for baby!
Thank you!


Brilliant, tailored and intuitive. I didn’t want to be dictated to, and Renee worked hand in hand with our style and preferences.


6 weeks ago we felt like we would never get to the stage we are at now – we felt like our daughter was so deep into her routine that she could not be changed. Renee gave support and confidence in following the plan and we are now at a stage where she is able to fall asleep on her own and now sleeps through the night. There are no books or online advice that can give this level of customisation to your child’s needs, they also can’t answer the specific questions you have regarding your child’s behaviour, this is why contacting Forty Winks was absolutely the best decision we could have made. Thank you Renee.


I contacted Renee when my 8-year-old became anxious with the adjustment and lack of routine of lockdown. This was extremely unfamiliar as she has always been an incredible sleeper. She would wake every half an hour and panic that she wasn't able to get back to sleep, which resulted in her being awake for hours throughout the night. Renee met with us both and spoke to her about her worries of being awake and what her natural sleep cues are to get back to sleep. She built an incredible rapport with my daughter who really trusted her. Renee then created a sleep diary for us which began with her evening routine, "sleepy foods" and ways how to encourage good sleep habits throughout the night. Instead of feeling anxious about the night ahead, my daughter found that she was excited about the putting into place these new sleeping methods and soon managed to get back to her normal sleep pattern.


Working with you was great, I found it very calming and reassuring. You offered solutions for our many problems and your experience of being a parent was really helpful. You also listened well, before giving the guidance on what to do.


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