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Forty Winks thoughts on coping with the virus

On Wednesday evening the enormity of the unknown hit me, and a barrage of feelings hit me. Speaking to friends yesterday made me realise I wasn’t alone, and I thought I would share how I’m feeling, but also the practical things I’m putting in place to help get through it.

I feel saddened because of the great small businesses that will struggle; because my year 6 son probably won’t have the joy of finishing primary school and moving on to secondary school; because of all those students who can’t finish all their hard work with their final exams; and for those who will be hit hardest by this virus. I feel a little afraid of what’s to come and the aftermath. I feel of proud of the village I live in that people want to look after each other.

BUT whilst I must acknowledge my feelings, I also know there’s little I can do about any of that, so for my family I need to stay positive, take on the challenge and embrace it!

As a sleep practitioner, I understand the importance of the 3 key areas: exercise, food and sleep. I know these areas will help keep my family in a better place, both physically and mentally.

Some of these I can help with; we’re having a family meeting over the weekend for my 11 & almost 9-year-old to share school routines and how we make some learning happen at home, but also what we can do to make this a great experience for them.

So as a mum and sleep fairy I am bringing to the table:

- Family Joe Wicks PE workout 9am followed by study

- Lunch followed by virtual playdate with class mates/friends (the playground substitute!)

- Outdoor time – science/history (and walk the dog!)

- Same bedtime and wake up time everyday

As a mum, I know that routine works for my children (also tbh it stops me going insane),

as they love a plan! It helps stop them whinging, cope better with anxiety and boredom, limits over eating and helps inspire enthusiasm, contentedness by the end of the day.

This plan will also use these three aspects to keep them physically and mentally tired at the close of play sleep deprivation shouldn’t – fingers crossed –sneak up.

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