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When does too much help become a habit?

I was thinking today, it’s a fine line between a little bit of help every now and then to assist your child to sleep and then realisation it’s every night. When did that happen? And how did it end up like this?

It’s so tricky, BUT I do feel there is no point beating yourself up over it. The most important bit is to realise it has become a new habitat and THEN decide what YOU want to do about it.

You may decide it’s ok, you might like the changes after all change isn’t always bad thing is it? It’s good to acknowledge it and feel good in it, enjoy it.

You maybe decide you don’t like this new habitat. Our advice is to decide what you aren’t happy with and then look at changing it. Be honest with yourself – back track on what the sleep routine was before you tweaked things and think about why you tweaked things. If you can’t work it out, that is the perfect time to talk! Speak to you friends – school friends, NCT friends, family friends or us at Forty Winks! We all want to support and help people if we can.

So in summary, don’t be too hard on yourself and be as honest with yourself as you can. Sharing your feelings lightens the load on your shoulder. And who knows, what your feeling could be the same as the person you’re speaking to, you just were brave and spoke first. xx

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